“You can’t afford to risk today’s high value crops”…Tom Thorton, Cherry grower, Washington.

Hybrid Houses are an adaptation of the Hoop House and High Tunnel which provide many of the benefits of fully engineered greenhouses combined with the low cost and flexible construction benefits of hoop houses and High Tunnels.

The hybrid house is an extremely flexible structure built to the growers specifications. Options include doors, adjustable side walls, and gutters. The structure starts like a High Tunnel, with the anchor platform which augers underground and extends above ground with "horns" on top that insert into the hoops. Hoops are arcs of tubing that connect to the anchor platform on each end. Hybrid Houses can them be gutter connected and doors, vents and walls added to meet the grower’s needs. Insect netting, shade cloth and bird netting can be added to meet the crops needs.

Some of the current applications include:

Ornamental and Vegetable nurseries, - Looking for frost protection and protection from pest and insects. Nurseries are discovering that plants grown in Hybrid Houses have improved quality and can be moved to market sooner than plants grown outdoors.

Flower Growers, - Earlier production, improved quality, and extended seasons are just a few of the benefits flower growers experience in the controlled environment of the Hybrid House.

Field production of vegetables, - Tomatoes, peppers, egg plant, basil and a variety of other vegetables benefit from retained heat, and protection from frost and rain. Crops are brought to market sooner and often with improved quality and yields.
Herb Production, - Growers are extending their harvest seasons and producing higher quality plants growing in Hybrid Houses.

Organic Growers, - Hybrid Houses can be fitted with insect netting to provide a more sanitary growing environment for production.

Fruit Production, - Much of the High Tunnel revolution started in the berry fields of Europe and California. Raspberries, Blackberries, Blue Berries and Strawberries can benefit from Hybrid Houses. Hybrid Houses retain more heat than traditional High Tunnels, thus bringing crops to market sooner and extending seasons.

Tree Fruit, - Cherry growers are adapting the High Tunnel to fit the needs of their industry. Benefits include earliness to market and protection from crippling frost and catastrophic rains.

Take a look at the picture gallery for some of the current applications of the Hybrid House and see how they might fit your needs.

Hybrid House – When you cannot risk losing your crop.