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Quiedan has continuously developed and sourced innovative products to meet their grower’s needs. The following is a partial list of specialty products.

Wind Fence - Protecting your crop from ravages of wind is an affordable way to protect your profits. Whether used in Cherries, Blue Berries, Black Berries, Raspberries or a variety of other crops, growers are seeing the benefits. Restricting wind increases yield, improves quality, Quiedan has led the way with specialty products developed for the professional grower. Including post, anchoring, cable and rigging along with different weight cloths and protection factors.

Bird Netting - Don’t let birds eat your profits. Quiedan has specialty bird netting to fit applications in grapes, berries, cherries and other tree fruit. Custom width and length are a specialty.

Insect Netting - From thrips to bumble bees, whether you want to keep damaging pest out or beneficial insects in, Quiedan can custom manufacture insect screen for your project.

Shade Cloth - A standard in the nursery industry. Growing applications in the fruit industry.

a. Nursery applications. Quiedan has all of the materials needed to set up and outfit your shade structure. We have a full line of shade cloth, steel and wood post, and all the cable and rigging needed for your project. Shade cloth is available in a wide range of shade values and materiel weights.

b. Fruit and Berry Applications. Shade cloth is improving the quality of fruits and vegetables and can greatly increase the quantity of premium fruit. Shade cloth improves quality by reducing peak temperatures and stress, reduces sunburn and reduces the damaging effects of wind. Fruit grown under shade tends to be larger with less cosmetic damage. Popular in the Blue Berry industry, Quiedan has both black and white shade cloths available. Other popular applications are in Black Berries, Raspberries, Strawberries, Peppers, and Tomatoes.

Grow Tubes - This is NO Milk Carton. Higher survivability, rapid growth, more fruit to market at an earlier age, equals more profits in your pocket. Growers have recognized the benefits of protecting young trees and vines for years. The Quiedan Grow Tube protects the plants from sunburn, herbicide damage, and mechanical damage. Quiedan Grow Tubes provide a unique environment directs an increased volume of growth where it is most beneficial, forcing growth upward while discouraging lateral growth. This unique growing environment helps speed growth and maturity, which can lead to more marketable fruit at an earlier age.

Wiggle Wire and Channel - The best and most cost efficient method of holding plastic film and other cloth products securely to greenhouses and tunnels. Made from High Tensile Spring Steel, wiggle wire fits into an aluminum channel and provides a strong hold for plastic film. It’s strong, it’s simple, and it’s affordable.

Wire, Cable, & Hardware – Whatever your project involving Wire, Wire Rope, or Cable, Quiedan has the product.