Hooper House Installation Manuel

1. Mark out post placement on 6ft, 8ft or 10ft centers (depending on the post spacing) with orange marker paint.

2. Between the first post and the second post on all four corners, there is a post set at 3 ft, 4ft or 5ft, (depending on the post spacing) mark with orange marker paint.

3. Lay out all post to be installed at marked spacing.

4. Pound all post into the ground using a post protector to keep the post from mushrooming. Pound the post into the ground so that the ground plate is flush with ground. Before pounding post into the ground, put a top on the post to make sure the boltholes are in the right position. Use a bullet level to make sure the post is straight.

5. Place the hooper top on the post, install bolt and tighten.

6. Between the first and second post and second and third post on all four corners. Attach a 3ft, 4ft or 5-foot stretcher (depending on the post spacing) to the post by using a 42mm to 33mm straight clamp and double purlin clamp.

7. Mark the tube in the middle with a black marker and bend hoop tubes to fit your spacing.

8. After the tube is bent on the first and last hoop slip two 33-mm one bolts over a hoop tube and attach pivot caps. Install a spiral purlin drop on the black mark in the middle of the tube. Install the hoop in the top of the first position platforms. Repeat this step for opposite end.

9. Install spiral purlin drop on the black mark in the middle of the hoop and install it on the next position. Repeat until the second to last position.

10. Install a 42 mm one bolt on the second position platform and attach pivot cap.

11. Attach 18-foot hoop tube from the second position platform to the first hoop using pivot caps. Move 42 mm one bolt to the top of the second platform and tighten. Adjust the 33 mm one bolt on the first hoop so that the hoop is straight and tighten bolt. Install tech screws in holes on pivot caps. Repeat this step for opposite end. Warning using only a drill gun with a clutch set at no more than 9 pounds.

12. Place swaged purlin into purlin drops, starting at the first hoop. Place second purlin in to the purlin drops and connect purlin-to-purlin at swaged end. Line up holes on pipe and insert and tighten bolt. Continue down house until the end.

13. Starting at the first hoop, straighten the hoop tube, purlin drop and purlin then tighten bolt. Repeat and continue to end of house. If there is any pipe sticking out beyond the last hoop, cut it off with hacksaw. Warning using only a drill gun with a clutch set at no more than 9 pounds.

14. Install 20mm lateral bar on every hoop with the two 33mm one bolt

15. Install extruded channel for wiggle wire. Start at one end of the first hoop and install extruded channel by using a tap screw in the center of channel on one-foot spacing. The channel will bend to fit the hoop. Continue placing channel until the end of the hoop. Cut off excess channel. Repeat the same on other end.

16. Pulling roof plastic. Duct tape all sharp edges on extruded channel. Place the roll of plastic on a bar at one end of the hoop house. Tie a rope on the two sides of the plastic. Get a 20-foot piece of 1" PVC pipe and duct tape a sponge to one end. Pull plastic over the first hoop with the rope and feed the plastic over the first hoop with the sponged end of the PVC pipe. Continue until you have reached the last hoop. Place plastic in channel and install wiggle.

17. Go back to the first hoop and install wiggle wire. Go to opposite end and pull the plastic as tight as you can and install wiggle wire. Cut off excesses plastic.