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Pinch clips are miniature crossarms used for foliage management in Vertical Shoot positioning applications. They are available in a variety of wire spreads. Moreover there are fasteners to attach the pinch clip to a range of different stakes and posts.

Pinch Clip miniature crossarm
Pinch Clip standard version
Pinch Clip for VerTrell Stakes
Hillside Pinch Clip


Crossarms are used to support canes and cordon wires as well as foliage management wires. Crossarms are attached to posts with a preformed bolt secured by washers and nuts. Steel crossarms are made from roll formed profiles or from angle.

Quiedan offers two roll formed crossarms, the Lodi Crossarm and the Stake Grabber Crossarm. Both of these designs can be supplied with the bolts inserted, the washers installed and the nuts started.

The crossarms are available in a variety of lengths and thicknesses and can be fitted with fasteners to fit the stake or post of choice. The stake grabber is also available with a Univerisal fastener profile to enable attachment to a wide variety of supports.

Lodi Crossarm
Stake Grabber Crossarm
Stake Grabber Connections

Quiedan also manufactures various angle arms designed primarily to be used in Table Grape trellis. The angles are rolled from hardened steel and are punched with a variety of slots, holes, ovals, and shapes to customer specification. Angles are available in a wide range of thicknesses.

Table Grape Trellis Crossarm