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Top Notch: click to view
In the summer of 1997, Quiedan introduced the Top Notch Post, which was immediately recognized as superior to any other existing post for vertical and divided canopy trellis systems. The Top Notch was the first heavy duty post that could be used without any additional hardware and was suitable for mechanization. Pressure from the industry has demanded a less expensive variation of the Top Notch design and Quiedan has introduced the Mighty Notch post. The Mighty Notch has incorporartes the Grip-It Slot ™ that allows for easy installation and removal while making undesired wire release very difficult.

Artisan: click to view
The new "Artisan" variation of the Top Notch Post gives the grower a slightly lighter (7% less weight) and therefore less expensive option where the regular Top Notch post performs well under heavy loads

Enhanced Top Notch Artisan: click to view

Q Post: click to view
The Q Post is a versatile profile with the strength required for divided canopy systems including Lyre, California Quad, DOV as well as orchard trellis applications.

Vertrell: click to view
The Vertrell is an adaptation of a French Stake incorporating strength, versatility and economy. The Vertrell, in combination with special wireforms to manage fruiting and moveable wires, can adapt to a variety of vertical trellis requirements. Short, lighter sections or used in one of our Open Lyre systems.

Rolled Edge Notch: click to view
Straight forward post design for Vertical Shoot Positioning Trellis applications. This adaptation of a highway post provides enough surface on the edges to avoid cutting foliage during harvest thereby avoiding excessive MOG. Generally sold in 12 ga. hot roll, with a standard 6 inch notch spacing. This post is strong and affordable. ideal for a mechanized environment. The post is suitable for other applications with or without notches, available in a variety of materials and gages.

Gable Stake: click to view
In 11 ga, at 1.8 lbs per foot, fabricated in hardened cold roll steel, this post possesses excellent strength and can serve as a line post for table grapes, an end post for berry growers, a added strength and stabilization post for high yield studded T post trellis, and a substitute for wood rounds in tree fruit tree trellis. Can be supplied in a variety of gages and materials, with an epoxy coated bottom or galvanized coating to improve durability where needed. Very flexible for variety of applications. Crossarms, wireforms, and spades available.