Quiedan’s commitment to the Berry industry has led to the development of several specialty products designed for the hoop houseprofessional berry grower.

These products include:

The Strawberry Cart – Designed by former grower Tony Morales, the Strawberry Cart is build for heavy use in the field. Fitted to carry a variety of standard flats, this cart features a welded design and an bronze bushing to insure an easy flow wheel making.

The Strawberry Knife - Designed and patented by the Ortega family, this Strawberry knife is designed for safe and easy removal of the calyx, leaving the maximum berry for the freezer. Made of Food Grade Stainless Steel it is available in several different designs.

Raspberry Packing Table – Another design by long time grower Tony Morales, this packing table is the first commercially available table that is collapsible, making transport and storage simple. The table features sturdy steel design and a stainless steel tray to allow for easy cleaning.

Berry Planting Tool – Allows for easy and rapid inserting of the berry plant into the planting bed. It features heavy duty construction and comfortable handle.

Pruning Knife - An industry standard, this pruning knife is designed for heavy commercial use, with an affordable Price.