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Quiedan has manufactured countless custom trellis systems to fit the needs of the grower. This page contains some of our more popular systems. The seven systems shown are intended to give an idea of stake spacing and component mix. This is a starting point to what we believe is the most versatile product line on the market. Quiedan will manufacture a system that meets your trellis requirements.

We've designed and tooled several steel trellis profiles and castings, as well as injection molded and extruded plastic profiles and parts that have received widespread acceptance. Our in-house engineering and shop are well qualified to design and build prototypes of a variety of products, components and parts which can be tested and speedily put into production. The manufacturing capabilities for punching and roll forming coupled with materials selection are unparalleled in our industry. Broad experience in sourcing assures competitive prices for products made in-house, domestically, or off shore. Innovation, design, engineering and experience provide the capability to develop systems from the ground up or to retrofit existing systems in need of improvement.