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hoop houseHoop Houses, often referred to as Spanish Tunnels, Grow Tunnels, or High Tunnels are low cost temporary steel structures generally covered with polyethylene film. Hoop Houses generate extra profits from extended growing seasons, higher yields, and improved quality and appearance. These benefits result from a controlled environment, including protection from wind and rain, increased heat, light control and superior disease control.

The structure begins with the anchor platform which augers underground and extends above ground with "horns" on top that insert into the hoops. Hoops are arcs of tubing that connect to the anchor platform on each end.

There are special clips, wireforms, fasteners, clamps and connectors available to assist in construction.

There is an extensive variety of film choices available. Film is held in place with 1/4" inch diameter poly rope. The ropes are secured and tensioned at the anchor platforms and pass over the film making and "X" pattern between the hoops. The
appearance is reminiscent of a covered wagon from the old west.

The width of hoop houses are generally limited between 12 and 30 feet. Most houses are in the range of 18-24 feet wide. Hoops should be about 6 feet longer than the width of the house to provide a high enough arc for strength and drainage. The height of our hoop houses ranges from 10-16 feet, the majority are 12-14 feet high. Lengths range from 100-500 feet, the majority are 250-400 feet long. The length of the film is 30 feet longer than the length of the hoop house. Spacing between hoops ranges from 8-12 feet.